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March/April 2020 Echo Now Available

The March/April 2020 Echo is available for download.


February 2020 Executive Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date

Thursday, February 6, 2020 8:00-9:30pm

Call to order 8:03pm

Beer Fest — Josh Silverstein

The board debated whether to try and do a winter or spring event like last year’s Beer Fest. It was decided that without someone willing to take the job on immediately it was too late to try for something that elaborate this year. Perhaps something in late August or September. However, the board agreed on a simpler event: a s’mores night on the civic green. Joe agreed to head this project, much more ad hoc, where the RCA will provide the ingredients for s’mores and firewood and possibly hot chocolate. The date for this is to be determined. There was a brief digression into discussing the upcoming meeting about the stop sign at Beach and Wexford, with several board members planning to attend.
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