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Your RCA membership is more important than ever before. As we work to continually improve our neighborhood, your $10 membership and continued participation are critical to the success of programs like the Echo. Like many neighborhoods within the county, we face challenges. Whether it’s demanding more of Pepco or fighting for new amenities in our parks, the advocacy function of the RCA gives us a much needed voice.

You join online by using the PayPal form on this page or by printing and filling out our membership form. Drop it in the mail to:
Randolph Civic Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 2202
North Bethesda, Maryland 20852

Please note that while donations to the RCA are not tax deductible, they keep The Echo in print, and our other activities funded. Donations to the RCF are tax deductible. The RCF supports and sponsors activities such as community beautification and local youth groups.

It’s important to note that $10 is a relatively small amount compared to the large impact the RCA has on your community. Did you know that we have the lowest dues of any civic association in the county? Any additional funds you can contribute, even if it’s only a small amount, will make a huge difference.

Please fill out the membership form completely. Because of turnover, the RCA does not have every (new) homeowner’s name, so please supply your name if the previous occupant has moved. The only thing that never changes is the address! If you did not get a membership form, envelope, or lost yours, please email to have one dropped off at your house. If you would like to have your membership form and dues picked up by an RCA volunteer rather than mailing them, you can reach us at and we’ll make the arrangements.