Volunteer for a Better Block


TheĀ Randolph Civic Association is partnering with Montgomery Planning and theĀ Better Block Foundation on a project to improve the neighborhood of Randolph Hills and specifically the Randolph Hills Shopping Center.

We will be providing SSL opportunities for kids and great opportunities for adults to get involved. For example, we’re hoping to landscape and decorate the shopping center, and create a pop-up art exhibit as well as showcasing local performers, including dance or music. Innovative ideas are welcome!

We’re still in the planning stage, so there’s nothing set in stone yet, but possible opportunities include helping to set up the art exhibit, constructing a temporary amphitheater, organizing and inventorying materials, painting a mural, building display kiosks, welcoming and guiding visitors, and laying out a temporary bike lane.

The main Better Block event will be Saturday Oct. 13 and we will need the majority of volunteers the day of the event, but there will be some work over the summer or in September.

If you’re interested, contact Mara Greengrass at 301-802-1950 or treasurer@randolphcivic.org. For more information about the project, check out Montgomery Planning’s site.