RCA to Host Final County Council District One Debate

On September 2nd at 7:30pm the RCA will host the final District One Council debate before the primaries. The primaries will be held on September 14th. This important event will showcase the two Democratic primary candidates, Roger Berliner and Ilaya Hopkins, and allow our residents to make an informed decision at the polls. The event will take place at the Viers Mill Recreation Center at the corner of Beach Drive and Garrett Park Road (map).

Questions will be asked by a three-person panel. The panel will consist of Barnaby Zall (Friends of White Flint and Citizens League of Montgomery County), Marc Korman (Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board), and Chad Salganik (RCA VP and Citizens League of Montgomery County). The audience will be able to personally ask questions in addition to submitting question cards, which will be given to the panelists. The candidates will each have one minute to respond and will be allowed one rebuttal for each question.

At this critical time in our County, it is more important than ever to make an informed decision at the poll. Some of the topics are sure to be the County budget, schools, economic vitality and the White Flint Sector plan. Please email dan@randolphcivic.org if you would like to volunteer at the event.

RCA Note: The RCA does not endorse candidates, but does promote voting and political engagement via forums and voter guides.