2010 RCA Slate of Candidates for Office

The following is the Board approved slate that was gathered during the nomination period. A call for nominations was made at the February membership meeting and posted in the previous Echo. Elections will be held on April 1st, 2010 at the membership meeting.

  • President Daniel Hoffman
  • Vice President One Chad Salganik
  • Vice President Two David Matera
  • Secretary Christiana Drapkin
  • Treasurer Nick Kriesle
  • Director Steve Feehan
  • Director Karen Helfert**
  • Director Kevin Kline**

**The Director seats held by Karen Helfert and Kevin Kline are not up for election in this period. Directors are elected to three year terms. Kevin has one year remaining on his term and Karen has two years remaining. Per our by-laws, outgoing President Matt Tifford will remain an ad hoc voting member of the Board for one year after leaving office.